my new blog, follow.

28th March, WednesdayReblog

follow me ya twats <3

27th March, TuesdayReblog

100% exhausted. I have to trek to uni today, sit through an hours worth of public health, and then hang around for 4 hours and 35 minutes. What is my life. If anyone’s at USC today, feel free to come entertain me. Wurrrd.

27th March, TuesdayReblog

This negative bullshit isn’t me. Seriously Abbi, what are you doing!!!! Sort your shit out. getting drunk everyday could result in your death by the end of the year. Popping pills every chance you get is going to fuck your brain up beyond belief. Burning yourself isn’t going to ease any fucking pain. This is all stupid shit which isn’t gonna make things better in the slightest. Get out there and make something of yourself. Show him that you’re better than him. Show him that you don’t take shit from no cunt. Be the person you wan to be and fuck this shit for a fucking joke.

I’m not insane, I’m just leaving this here to remind myself to stop being a miserable cunt.

27th March, TuesdayReblog
My bed is amazing.
Five seconds ago I was the angriest human on the planet. Then my best friend sent me this. Even when she&#8217;s angry she struggles to be mean. She&#8217;s fucking perfect.

tomorrow i am going to make a new blog.

i understand that this is gonna be about the fifth ‘new blog’ i’ve made in so little months, but i really can’t stand the thought of keeping up with this one.

the mount of bullshit posts on here to do with him is driving me insane and i don’t want to scroll through my history and see anything to do with him.

so if you want the link to my new one just post in my ask and i shall send it your way. if not, then sayanora and thanks for the follow.

(i’ll conttinue to post on here for the remainder of the night as i don’t have the internet at home and making a new blog on my phone will take about 50 years) 

27th March, TuesdayReblog
Get fucked cunt.

I saw him today. I saw him and cried. I thought I was getting there. But I’m not.

27th March, TuesdayReblog
Im gonna regret wearing this much white the second I leave my house.